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The best peer-to-peer lending sites

Nevertheless, it’s a classic example of how people with surplus funds can assist those needing money, while benefiting both the parties involved. For those that are interested in online p2p lending, here is a list of the most known peer-to-peer lending sites:

Mortgage Investors Corporation Reviews

Mortgage Investors Corporation, otherwise known as MIC is a company that does not believe in impossible requirements and qualifications to apply for the Veteran’s Administration Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) program. In fact, they allow customers to take advantage of all the potential benefits this program entails.As you will be able to read in […]

Latest Developments on Payday Loan Companies and Lending Laws

Of late, enough has been said on the risks of short term loans offered by non banking entities and their harmful effects on consumers. The financial experts are divided on their opinions regarding whether new laws should be implemented to tackle the practices of entities that offer personal loans online at very high interest rates […]

What is the difference between APR and interest?

Applying for loans and working out which is the best for you can be time consuming. There are many different variables to consider, such as the length of the loan, the amount you’re borrowing, the policies of the lender, and the APR and interest rates. Lenders will quote you figures and percentages, but how often […]

Different Loan Types

There are many different types of loan currently available in the UK, both for personal use and business. As with many financial services the jargon and lingo used to describe the product can sometimes make it difficult to decide what loan is best for you.

My credit is bad – Can I receive at least a $1000 loan?

The downward trend of economy has affected most people. If you are also hit by the present state of economy or you made some wrong decisions in the past as a result of which you have a bad credit, you will find it almost impossible to get a $1000 loan for buying anything or paying your bills even.

Do you need a $10000 personal loan?

Many web sites will tell you that there are many financial and banking institutions where an individual can get a $10000 loan. A loan that can come in various forms, from home improvement loans to educational loans, covering almost any need. But no one tells where you can find these places.