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Lately lenders have become less and less trusting due to the large numbers of defaults. Unsecured loans have become intangible for those without outstanding credit rating. Unless you already had a business relationship with your lender and have proved your quality, most likely you won’t be able to get anything but a secured bank loan.

Why Choose Secured Bank Loans


People with good credit history can expect to have their applications approved without problems. But the truth is, even if you are a good customer, the bank cannot offer you an unsecured loan due to bank policies or the amount you are requesting. This happens because most financial institutions are trying to dramatically lower their risk, and as we already know, unsecured loans present high risk. However, the applicant is seen with totally different eyes if can bring a collateral. Secured bank loans are much more likely to get approved and the lenders flexibility increases. You can use as collateral a car, a property you owe, a savings account or even your house.

Loan Purposes


Someone can apply for a secured loan from the bank for a variety of reason: make home improvements, buy new properties, small investments, expand an existing business. The bank is not interested on what the borrower spends as long as the collateral can cover the loss if repayment fails.

A secured bank loan is available even to people suffering from bad credit. That’s why defaults, CCJs and arrears don’t count that much. Secured loans can give a chance to those that usually aren’t approved by their local lenders for loans.

Secured loan rates


Secured loans usually provide large amounts of money (considering the collateral), on long periods of time (5-30 years) and with relatively small interest rates (4-5%). Monthly payments are affordable and if something unexpected should happen, you can reschedule your payments.

The most important thing to remember is that if you default on the loan, you risk repossession, not to mention damaging your credit rating. Before committing yourself to such a long burden, make sure you have the financial means to pay every month, prepare backup plans and insurance for worst case scenarios.


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