Unsecured small business loan : fuel for your activity

The capital is the fuel that keeps in motion every business. Many times, natural processes like expansion create the need for new financial infusions. Business needs may include new equipment, marketing efforts, office expansion, employee training and many more.Small businesses often encounter resistance when applying for loans because of the high risk associated by the lenders with this type of business.

Every year many small enterprises appear and then dissolve. Unlike large and established companies, small businesses have little or no equity to put against a loan. Many times, the only option left is that of an unsecured loan. This loan requires no collateral and its approval is mainly based on the borrower’s credit rating and financial history.

Since the loan is unsecured, creditors will be more cautious in approving the applications. Lenders want to see a positive business credit history, a good sign that you will repay the loan in the agreed conditions. Business credit score can be established by separating your personal credit from your business credit.Once approved, an unsecured small business loan provides a line of credit which your enterprise can use to cover its needs. Interest will apply only to the amounts withdrawn.

Cash advance alternative

For businesses with a poor credit or a limited or no financial history there is also the option of a business cash advance. This type of loan gives the creditor a small percentage of the businesses‘ future credit card receivables. Because of this, cash advance loans can be only utilized by retail business owners who process credit card transactions. Start-up businesses and home based businesses are usually not accepted. Cash advance loans have a few advantages over a small business loan:

  • available to businesses with bad credit;
  • no need for a business plan;
  • fast approval;
  • flexible repayment plan;
  • can be used for any purpose;


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